About Us

Attorneys-at-law “Shkrebets and Partners” is a leader of not only the Kharkiv region legal services market, but also of the entire Eastern region of Ukraine.

The main clients of "Shkrebets and Partners" are leading representatives of the energy sector, the mining industry, the largest agricultural enterprises, the leaders of construction machinery industry, housing and utilities, and international holdings providing such services as tourism, telecommunications, the IT sphere, and medicine.

“Shkrebets and partners” is the leader in litigation in the Eastern region of Ukraine. We also provide a wide range of consulting services starting from legal advice on specific issues to complex due diligence of enterprises before purchase or investing.

A distinctive feature of our attorneys-at-law is that we are financially responsible for the results of our work, as well as ready to bear part of the risks of our clients. Therefore, we are an interested party in your issue's successful solution.

The entire attorneys-at-law performs as a single whole where each employee is unique but works for a common cause. Due to the diligence, hard work and exclusive expertise of each member of our team, it is this functioning mechanism that creates excellent results in our work.

"Shkrebets and partners" is a close-knit team of experts who have reached a high professional level as a result of long-term and annual participation in litigations representing the interests of our clients. In it's work our team has faced various breaches of the law, both by the bad-faith of our clients' partners and by the public authorities, who use their power contrary to the intended purpose.

Currently "Shkrebets and partners" consists of 9 attorneys and 16 paralegals and legal advisers.

The main office of the Attorneys-at-law is located in the city of Kharkov. "Shkrebets and Partners" also has the branch office located in the city of Kiev