• ⚡️On November 28, the All-Ukrainian tournament “Judicial Debates on Civil Law and Civil Procedure” was held, which was organized by the Kharkiv branch of the Student League of the Ukrainian Bar Association. ✅Shkrebets & Partners acted as a partner in these debates, and an attorney Kateryna Isayeva acted as a judge of the competition. 🏆We sincerely congratulate the winning team and thank the organizers for an interesting plot, quality organization, and participants – for the preparation and worthy performances.


  • 🏆 Руслан Бекузаров, a lawyer practicing criminal law at Shkrebets & Partners, has successfully defended his client in criminal proceedings. ⚡️The client was accused of committing a criminal offense under Part 1 of Art. 368 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, ie in obtaining an illegal benefit by an official, namely in obtaining an illegal benefit by an official for not committing and committing such an official in the interests of the person giving the illegal benefit and in the interests of a third party actions, using the power and official position, and in fraud (Part 1 of Article 190 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine). 🎉Client was acquitted by the verdict of the Leninsky District Court of Kharkiv in the case № 642/957/17 of 03.10.2018. By the decision of the Kharkiv Court of Appeal of November 17, 2020, the above-mentioned sentence was upheld. 🏆Congratulations on the victory and wishing further success!


  • 🏆Sergiy Glotov, a partner of Shkrebets & Partners, was elected a representative of the Committee of the UBA on Intellectual Property in the Eastern Region of Ukraine. 🏆Congratulations to Sergiy on his election to this position and we wish him inspiration for further achievements! ❕Representatives of committees in the regions have powers similar to those of committee chairmen: initiating events and professional discussions, gathering information for analytical research, and expert representation of the committee in the region.


  • 🎉We congratulate the practice of Criminal Law of AP “Shkrebets&Partners” with recognition in the prestigious ranking “Client’s Choice: 100 Best Lawyers of Ukraine”, which is conducted annually by Yuridichna Gazeta. 🏆Evgeniy Shkrebets, the Managing Partner of the Partnership, was named one of the best lawyers in the field of White-Collar Crime! 🎉We thank our colleagues and clients for the recognition of our achievements and positive feedback.


  • For several years now, the Ukrainian law society has been facing an important and in some cases hyperbolized question about the fee for success. The newspaper Yuridicheskaya Practika has discussed the position expressed on this issue by the Grand Chamber of the Supreme Court in its decision of May 12, 2020 in case по 904/4507/18. AP’s partner, Yuriy Artyukh, has expressed his opinion on the position of the Grand Chamber of the Supreme Court in a comment to the newspaper Yurydychna Praktika, № 40-41 (1189-1190) dated October 6, 2020. The author pointed out that the ECHR has never questioned the success fee as a possible fee practice for legal services provided. In its decision, the Grand Chamber of the Supreme Court rightly stated that the fee for success is nothing more than a suspensive circumstance, ie a circumstance with which the parties have linked the emergence of their rights and obligations and for which it is unknown whether it will occur or not. We invite you to read the comment in the issue of the newspaper at the link:


  • On October 7, the VIII Annual Forum of Legal Advisers organized by the publishing house “Yuridicheskaya Practika” took place, and AP “Shkrebets&Partners” is traditionally a partner of the Forum. The attorney of AP, Pavlo Otenko, was a speaker at a session on criminal law challenges for business. Pavlo told the forum participants about the criminal consequences of tax and other inspections. He told about what types of inspections currently exist, their consequences and features of a lawyer’s work in such cases. We thank the participants, speakers and organizers of the forum for a great opportunity to meet and discuss issues relevant to business.


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