Tax Law

  • administrative and judicial review of tax assessment notices, appeal actions and omissions of the tax authorities

  • protection in criminal proceedings on the grounds of crimes in the sphere of economic activity, including tax evasion (White Collar Crimes)

  • consulting on tax accounting, tax planning issues and tax legislation appliance

  • consultations on optimization of the tax burden

  • preventing a stop of the taxpayers` business operations: the cancellation of administrative arrest of the taxpayer`s property, the removal of 7, 8, 9, and 10 taxpayer status, unlocking the operation of the tax invoices register

  • support in tax audits and other control measures

Corporate / M & A

  • investing in companies and financing (including debt financing), and financing through joint venture incorporation

  • advising on corporate restructuring, reorganization and other corporate governance issues

  • preparation of constituent documents, internal regulations

  • complete support and assistance with the performance of the corporate rights sales contracts, and negotiation

  • consulting on the incorporation of multi-level corporate structures, utilising holding companies in foreign jurisdictions to enhance performance of joint venture businesses in Ukraine

  • drafting shareholder agreements – providing the legal framework for regulating the interests of partners in joint ventures

  • assisting with the creation of an effective system of corporate control in joint venture companies in Ukraine

  • incorporation of direct investment companies

  • incorporation of companies, regional offices and subsidiaries

  • legal support in corporate disputes that go to court

  • advising on transactions in the direct investment market (including company incorporation, acquisition, and wind up strategy)

Land law and real estate

  • normative and expert valuation of land

  • appeal of normative monetary land evaluation

  • legal support in obtaining the cadastral number of the land

  • all types of land disputes in court, and real estate cases

  • registration of information about real estate to the new State register of proprietary rights to real estates, and obtaining the extracts from the State register of rights to real estate property

  • registration of title and other proprietary rights to land (permanent use, lease, easement, superficies, and emphyteusis)

  • assisting with privatization of land, purchase of land from state and municipal ownership, and the lease of municipal state land

  • supporting the assessment procedure of real estate property

  • recognition in a judicial procedure of the title to real estate property for the heirs in cases of non-registration of title by the decedent

  • appeal of normative monetary land evaluation

  • registration of ownership and other proprietary rights to real estate property

  • registration of title to buildings constructed without authorisation

  • advising in procedures for real estate building construction

  • assisting with the technical inventory of real estate property

  • registration of title and other proprietary rights to land

  • advising on procedures for changing the use of the private land

  • assisting with land transactions held by agricultural goods producers (lease of land, purchase of land, development of land arrangement projects, etc.)

  • legal support of real estate property transactions (sale, donation, exchange, contribution to the authorized capital of a legal entity, etc.)


  • disputes considered by administrative courts (customs disputes, tax disputes, appeals against decisions, and actions or omissions by the authorities)

  • representation of interests in civil cases (labor disputes, family disputes, inheritance disputes, land disputes, consumer protection cases, and credit disputes)

  • all types of commercial disputes


  • providing the services of insolvency officers

  • representing clients in the procedure for disposition of property, financial rehabilitation and liquidation of the debtor

  • legal support in bankruptcy for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs

  • assisting in realization of the debtor’s assets

Due Diligence

Legal protection in criminal proceedings

  • legal support during the pre-trial investigation

  • assistance to accused persons at the stage of judicial investigation

  • representation of the interests of victims

  • involvement of a lawyer during the interrogation of witnesses

IT law

  • drafting agreements on software and other IT products developed for foreign corporations

  • Development of legal models for solving tax optimization issues, and development of an effective management structure.

Family and Inheritance Law

  • alimony recovery, and reducing the amount of maintenance

  • obtaining the court’s permission for a child to travel abroad without permission of one of the parents

  • representing clients in courts of all instances, in divorce and division of property cases

  • legal support in trials for the recognition of property rights by way of inheritance

  • court disputes regarding the validity of wills

  • filiation setting, disputing paternity, determining visiting and habitation rights with the child

  • establishing family relationship facts, and single family residence

  • adoption, custody and guardianship establishment

(Українська) Правова допомога за кордоном в інших юрисдикціях (Ізраїль)

  • Visa, Migration and Consular Issues

  • Foreign Economic Activities and Investments

  • Citizenship and repatriation

  • Notary

  • Legal consulting for businesses and individuals

  • Family law


  • Investor protection

  • Obtaining construction permits

  • Legal support of construction

  • Development of construction financing scheme

  • Approval and approval of project documentation

  • Legalization of unauthorized construction


  • Recovery of pecuniary, moral damage caused by unlawful decisions, actions or omissions of the customs authority

  • Return of the excess of customs duties paid to the state budget during customs clearance

  • Return of goods illegally seized by customs

  • Protection of subjects of foreign economic activity in proceedings on administrative offenses related to customs clearance when moving goods across the customs border

  • Appeal against the card of refusal to carry out customs clearance of goods, vehicles

  • Appeal from the decision of the customs authority to adjust the customs value of the goods

Foreign investments

  • The choice for foreign companies of the optimal structure of economic activity in the territory of Ukraine

  • Protection of the rights and legitimate interests of foreign investors in the courts of Ukraine

  • Advising on the procedure for making foreign investments, corporate, tax, labor legislation of Ukraine, operating conditions of doing business in Ukraine

  • Advising on export-import operations, customs legislation and currency control

  • Legal support of investment projects