The Association of URAN users

The Association of URAN users («URAN Association») was founded in 1997 by the Joint decree of Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and Ministry of Education of Ukraine and re-registered in 2006 by Order of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine “On founding All-Ukrainian Association URAN» of March 13, 2006 No 181 and by permission of Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine according to the decision of AMCU as of October 5, 2006 No 411-p as unprofitable organization. Founders of URAN Association were institutes of higher education of the 4th accreditation level, institutions of National Academy of Science of Ukraine and the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine.

The purpose of establishing of Association and the principal goal of its activity is coordination and integration of efforts of the Association Members to ensure creation, development and usage of sole Ukrainian National Research and Education Network, increasing of education and science level in Ukraine, implementation of principles of information-oriented society, competitive joining of Ukraine to the Global information-oriented area and representing of interests of the Association members in institutions of government authority as well as in Ukrainian and International organizations. The Association is open for new members and operates in accordance with the Constitutive agreement.
The activities of the Association are non-profitable; the development of URAN network infrastructure is funded basically from the State budget or by international grants and provided by URAN Association according to the Conception of the National Program of Informatization of Ukraine approved by the Law of Ukraine dated February 4, 1998 No 75/98-ВР, and by State Program “Information and communication technologies in Education and Science” for the years 2006-2010 approved by Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine as of December 7, 2005 No 1153.
The Association is owner of trade mark “URAN”. It is included in the register of operators and providers of telecommunications.
The Association is a founder of the Subsidiary enterprise “Network Operator “URAN”, Charitable organization “URAN Foundation” and “URAN Publishing Service” LLC.