State Enterprise of Ministry of Defense of Ukraine “Central Designing Institute”

State Enterprise of Ministry of Defense of Ukraine “Central Designing Institute”

The Institute was established in 1949 as an engineering organization of the Ministry of Defense of the USSR to carry out design work to rebuild the war-torn airfields and building new ones.

In the late 60-ies Institute (military unit 44011), has become one of the leading design companies in the USSR Ministry of Defense in designing of military airfields and missile complexes strategic forces, space and special facilities to the places of the dislocation in the Far East, Zabaykaleі, in the central regions of Russia, Kazakhstan, Central Asia, Caucasus, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine and abroad.

Institute for the first time in the Soviet Union had designed complex of buildings of educational airfield near Grozny with two runways. The projects of measuring stations facilities management and satellite tracking in Kazakhstan and Trans-Baikal. Special structures designed complex abroad: in Libya, Cuba, Poland, Hungary, East Germany.

According to the Institute’s projects were built or renovated residential complexes and townships in the locations of military units in many parts of the Soviet Union: Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Central Asian republics, motels and pioneer camps: “Pike”, “Pearl”, “Gadyach”, “New Sanzhary”, “Irpen”, “Anapa” and others.

Today, high engineering capacity, integrated approach to developing projects to meet modern technological requirements, high level technical solutions close relationship with leading research, design organizations of Ukraine, high professional image of the company gave it the opportunity to get orders on designing of joint Ukrainian-Brazilian space complex surface missile complex “Cyclone-4” in the State Maranyao, city Alcantara in the Federal Republic of Brazil. General Designer of the project is Design Bureau “The Southen”. General project organization for developing ground rocket complex “Cyclone-4” – State Enterprise Ministry of Defense of Ukraine “Central Designing Institute”
The Institute has a large and modern logistics and information base, created by 60-year history.

The greatest asset of the Central Designing Institute is its staff, its intellectual level. The success of the Institute is based on the experience and professionalism of engineers – designers, their ability to perform any task. The careful attitude to the best traditions of the institute, responsible employees, constant desire to improve their technological level – all of these guarantee the success of the Institute.

According to the National Business Rating and official data of State Statistics the Central Designing Institute of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine for a number of years takes the leading place among the top state enterprises in Ukraine.